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Le 28 February 2013 par A la une


Name of event: MCM ITP
Date of the event: 2009, returning in 2013
Number of exhibitors: 18, expecting 24-30 in 2013
Number of participants: 220, expecting 300 in 2013



Evolution Live organised the MCM ITP 2009 conference at Lille Grand Palais. This major Anglo-French defence industry conference takes place every two years and alternates between France and the UK with its exclusive audience of UK & French companies and government departments.

Why Lille Grand Palais?
For three main reasons….First, logistics pure and simple. 40% of our delegates are French and based in Paris and another 40% are from the UK. So the Eurostar is the obvious choice. Second, Lille Grand Palais has the scale and scope to handle three different conference streams with an exhibition alongside.  Third, the people at Lille Grand Palais are great to work with and very helpful. 4 years on we’re coming back to Lille and working with the same team.

The result?
Our 2009 conference was both seamless and successful, and we had very positive feedback from both France and the UK, which is why we’re going back in 2013. After Manchester in 2011, Lille was the obvious choice and the client didn’t even consider any other French destination.

A personal note
Lille as a city works so well and Lille Grand Palais as a venue within that city works perfectly.
There are two types of conference venue. The first, and it’s just a minority, is where they anticipate your needs and nothing is ever too much trouble. And the other, the great majority, where they respond, “but you didn’t ask for that!” Lille Grand Palais is very firmly in the first category.
And lastly, it’s very important for British, Germans, Italians, Spanish…that Lille Grand Palais speaks such good English.

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