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Lille Grand Palais: 100% Connected

Le 18 December 2014 par A la une

In 2014, Lille Grand Palais augmented its entire network.

“This year, we equipped the entire building with 80 Cisco networks, enabling visitors and clients to connect to the internet with smartphones, tablets and computers”, explains François Motte, IT Manager at Lille Grand Palais. With the capacity to support up to 4,000 simultaneous users, this improvement is a particularly valuable asset for events that are associated with digital technology or e-commerce, for example. So far, the International Forum on Cybersecurity event holds the record for most connections with “All data is stored in accordance to the Data Protection Act, but only the police have access to it”.
In terms of 4G, Orange installed their 4G network throughout the premises. Stéphane Beelaert, Technical Manager at Lille Grand Palais assures: “Subscribers of other networks will have access to them, thanks to antennas that have been positioned outside the building.”

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