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The Independent Wine Makers Expo: One of a Kind

Le 18 December 2014 par A la une

From the 14th to the 17th of November, 55,000 visitors gathered to meet 600 wine makers from all regions of France and taste their treasures. Attracting international wine-lovers from near and far, the event proved there is no shortage of those who respect authentic tradition in wine making.

We had a quick chat with Florence Corre, Communications Director of the French Independent Wine Makers Association (Vignerons Indépendants) to hear her thoughts on how this year’s event turned out.

Was the 2014 expo a Grand Cru?

Like every year, this expo has been a true success, a tribute to authenticity. Here, independent wine makers, the prestigious appellations, along with less well-known or even barely-known ones, are altogether in the same boat, in identical stands. This is a deliberate strategy: we want to permit visitors to form their own independent opinions as they stroll the aisles, glass-in-hand, to meet these passionate craftsmen.

How has the expo evolved over the past 20 years?

It has become an unmissable event in a region that, although not a wine-growing region, is nevertheless home to numerous amateurs and connoisseurs. Twenty years ago, the expo started out with 200 wine makers; today it hosts 600. This expo has shaped a nice history for itself.

And last, have you noticed how the expo has grown alongside Lille Grand Palais?

It’s true, we have grown together, in a sound and friendly relationship, because our teams share the same objectives!

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