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UP-tex a cluster revolutionising textiles

Le 10 April 2011 par A la une

Lille Métropole is home to the French textile industry. Roubaix in particular is known as the city of a thousand chimneys. But today they do something much more sophisticated than just producing our everyday clothes. They make the textiles of the future for NASA and space exploration, for Toyota and their cars, for firemen and for parachutists… in places where previously they made jerseys and underwear.

And UP-tex , as a major research & innovation cluster, is at the cutting edge of this development.  Like other clusters, it brings together the key actors in the sector – research institutes, university laboratories and private enterprise.

The most exciting news in the sector is the creation and construction of CETI (the European Centre for Innovative Textiles) at the industrial crossroads of Roubaix, Tourcoing & Wattrelos in two new futuristic buildings with 12 000 m² of space dedicated to textiles and everything connected with them.

As UP-tex and CETI President André Beirnaert explains “CETI is a research and prototyping centre dedicated to new textile applications and it’s the world’s most innovative centre of its kind, a real head-start for innovation.“

This world-beating centre in the field of Advanced Textile Materials and New Materials is open to all the players in the industry – scientific, technological, industrial and institutional – whether they be regional, national, European or international.

The official inauguration of CETI will take place on 10 October 2012.


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