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Lille Grand Palais Boosts Network Performance

Le 27 May 2014 par A la une

In January, Lille Grand Palais hosted over 3, 000 delegates of 58 nationalities at the 6th annual International Forum on Cybersecurity event, which brought together stakeholders and decision makers in the world of cybersecurity for a fruitful exchange of ideas. We asked Mr Cédric Fiolet, General Director of Lille Grand Palais, what special services and know-how were put in place to ensure a successful event for a client with such exacting technological requirements.

Increased bandwidth
First of all, we increased the bandwidth of the internet at the Lille Grand Palais from 60 MB to 200 MB in order to enable a large number of users to be simultaneously connected. We had about 500 simultaneous users connected during the event, but with our infrastructure, we can support over 1,000 simultaneous users”.

Protecting privacy
“We completely renovated everything at the heart of our network. We upgraded to Cisco networks, which enable us today to create vLANS (virtual networks). This means our clients can surf the web or connect to their external tools while remaining completely invisible to other users on the site. Today we can have about 500 Vlans for 500 different clients who have particular needs and will benefit from an internet gateway while remaining secure against each other – so that the stand of Ms X cannot communicate with, or access the stand of Mr Y”.

Meeting the highest security standards
“We have experts in cybercrime issues, such as service providers, the national police and similar clients, who have an extremely high standard regarding the technological quality of the service we provide…the site needs to be able to meet their level of requirements. Cybercrime clients have the highest demands in terms of infrastructure for an establishment such as ours”.

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