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Lille Grand Palais developed a new silent conference offer

Le 16 June 2016 par A la une

maxime-dufour-photographies_7830Successful events tend to attract large, engaged audiences by offering a variety of stimulating presentations and conferences. But as anyone who has attended a conference or trade fair can attest, it is not uncommon for these activities to interfere with one another acoustically. Who hasn’t had to actively ignore the buzz of the crowd while trying to listen to a speaker? Or conversely, had to filter out overflow from a presentation while chatting with an exhibitor?

Lille Grand Palais has developed a way to enable forum-style exhibitions and individual conferences to coexist with minimal acoustic discomfort. In their effort to continuously improve the attendee experience, Lille Grand Palais’ Audio-Visual Service has focused on eliminating conflicting background noise that can occur at events where multiple activities happen simultaneously. The result is a “Silent Conference” offer that will soon be available for a wide range of events.

“We noticed that during fairs problems with neighboring noise often arise. Conferences might be disrupted by the general noise of the fair, or the fair might be disrupted by conference audio, or audio from two conference rooms could even disrupt each other,” explains Claude Barbier, director of Lille Grand Palais’ Audio-Visual Service and head of the Silent Conference program.

Host to 300 events and over one million visitors a year, Lille Grand Palais realized the need to offer its clients high-quality, discrete conference audio. “The Silent Conference offer puts technology similar to what is used in simultaneous translation to work to broadcast what would usually be transmitted over the loudspeakers,” explains Mr. Barbier.

Silent Conference modules include wireless listening equipment for each audience member, as well as installation and technical support provided by a Lille Grand Palais expert. Silent Conference modules have been developed for groups of 50 to 200 people, and may be customized to accommodate larger groups. Benefits for users include a less stressful event environment, a clearer listening experience and increased privacy.

Event organizers can look forward to integrating Silent Conferences starting in September 2016.

For more information or to request a quote, contact Claude Barbier at

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