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Magnificent Modigliani Exhibition at the LaM, 27 Feb – 5 June 2016

Le 25 January 2016 par A la une

2_Modigliani_Moise_KislingThis spring the LaM (Lille Modern Art Museum) offers an exceptional opportunity to experience the oeuvre of Italian artist Amedeo Mogdigliani in its retrospective featuring nearly 100 pieces of the artist’s work.

The museum, the only in Europe to display modern, contemporary and outsider art under one roof, holds several Modigliani pieces including a rare marble sculpture, and has obtained numerous loans for the exhibition. One of the few artists of his generation to achieve distinction in three the different media of painting, drawing and sculpture, many of his works were lost or destroyed by the artist himself. The prolific but short-lived artist abandoned sculpting early in his career due to health reasons, leaving only 27 confirmed sculptures behind; the upcoming LaM exhibition will feature five of them.

Variety of approaches to the pieces

Roger Dutilleul, founder of the modern art collection at the LaM was a passionate collector who met Modigliani in 1918. The exhibition, an homage to that encounter, will offer the visitor a variety of approaches from which to discover the pieces. One can experience the artist’s dialogue with ancient and non-Western sculpture, as well as explore portraiture as a central dimension of Modigliani’s work. Additionally, it will provide insight into the close relationship between the artist and Roger Dutilleul, who became one of the most important Modigliani collectors. The exhibition situates the artist in the context of his time and displays his work alongside some of his contemporaries, such as Constantin Brancusi, Moïse Kisling, Jacques Lipchitz, Pablo Picasso and Chaim Soutine.

Lille gears up for the event

Numerous hotels in Lille are offering one-night package deals that include breakfast and exhibition tickets while others have two-nights-for-the-price-of-one deals during the exhibition. Visitors planning an overnight trip should be sure to ask their hotel about special offers for guests attending the Modigliani exhibition. The Lille tourist office has arranged to provide a weekend shuttle service from its office in central Lille directly to the LaM for the duration of the event.

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