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Passions Secrètes a unique exhibition drawn from private Flemish collections

Le 18 December 2014 par A la une

This holiday season, discover Passions Secrètes, collections privées flamandes, a unique exhibition drawn from private Flemish collections. Following Happy Birthday at the Perrotin Gallery, this latest home-grown lille3000 exhibition is showing at Tripostal until January 4th.  

Passions Secrètes, collections privées flamandes (Secret Passions, private Flemish collections) presents 140 works of art belonging to private Flemish collectors of the Courtrai region. The exhibition follows a series of large collections to visit Lille including François Pinault Foundation, Saatchi Gallery, CNAP, and Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin. With nearly 80 artists represented, this exhibition provides the visitor with a historical glimpse of art from the 1970’s to today.

Three unique journeys

The exhibition’s curator, Caroline David faced the challenge of choosing from the 4,000 pieces owned by the 18 collectors contributing to this exhibition. Three themes emerged, which shaped the way the exhibition is arranged and offers visitors three thematic journeys through which to experience this astonishing exhibition.

The first revolves around the Representation of the Feminine with works from Louise Bourgeois, Sergey Bratkov, Lili Dujourie, Anselm Kiefer, Annette Messager, Mimmo Rotella, Thomas Ruff, Andres Serrano and Francesca Woodman; who together testify to the diversity of this exhibition. These pieces offer contemporary artists’ perspectives on the image of woman as seductive, maternal, and feminist; familiar themes easily accessible to the public, according to Ms. David.

The second, The Mirror, is a strong thematic journey. “A series of contemporary artists’ perspectives on the mirror, so in very different ways, sometimes very confrontational, but sometimes very figurative, the notion of the reflection of the mirror is something very interesting for the visitor… there is something very playful to see yourself reflected through a piece of art in a mirror, there are some very interesting concepts,” explains Ms David. Represented artists include Robert Barry, Daniel Buren, Olafur Eliasson, Dan Graham, Jim Hodges, Ann Veronica Janssens, Kris Martin, and Michelangelo Pistoletto.

And last, the third theme explores the vision of the United States, a very hot topic. Ms David explains that these pieces “deal with very current issues: weapons in the United States, racial segregation – the artists address the race riots of the sixties, something which we witness again now; they speak of American imperialism and immigration– topics that are still current even if they are sometimes treated as familiar ones everyone knows from the past, such as the statue of liberty as the great symbol of America, land of welcome, of immigration– we are revisiting this currently with much discussion about immigration, and the latest measures of Obama.” The visitor will find various visions and interpretations of these themes by diverse artists such as Joseph Beuys, Matthew Day Jackson, Sam Durant, and Danh Vo.

Unique space and location of Tripostal

Ms David reveals that she also selected particular pieces with consideration to the unique space offered at Tripostal. “We’re lucky to have a magnificent venue that lends itself perfectly to contemporary art, with large spaces, large volumes…. the second floor, for example, with a series of rooms spreading over a space of 2,000 m2 and absolutely no columns in the middle enabled us to create something rather unique in France.”

Besides containing the perfect space for this unique exhibition, the Tripotsal makes for an easy and pleasant trip to Lille. Located near train stations, in the heart of the city, it’s a meeting place of sorts, with a spot at the entrance where visitor enjoy having a drink before exploring the exhibition, and dining in the cafeteria.

The opportunity to re-discover

Lille Passions Secrètes not only offers the opportunity to discover a thought-provoking exploration of contemporary art, but has provided some visitors the chance to re-discover Lille, as well. Courtrai collectors and Flemish visitors have commented to Ms David that the exhibition has afforded them the occasion to experience a new and changed Lille, a city just 30 km away, that they are now eager to visit again for further exploration.

Do not delay – you only have until January the 4th, 2015 to experience this fascinating exhibition. Secret Passions, from October the 10th 2014 to January the 4th 2015

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