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Safety in action conference comes to Lille for the first time

Le 27 November 2012 par A la une

This original conference looks at safety issues ìn the workplace in terms of behavioural science and problems of motivation, communication and the involvement of management and teams working together in a company to achieve the same objectives.

It all started 25 years ago in the United States where each year it attracts over 2000 delegates and is organised by Behavioural Science Technology. It’s the largest safety conference of its kind in the world with its catchy slogan, ‘Safety is always in motion’. And next year’s conference will be held in Nashville, Tennessee.

Coming to Europe from the USA

Safety in Action came to Europe in a smaller format five years ago and this is the first time it has been staged in Lille. The organisers are expecting 250-300 delegates who will meet “in a unique networking and learning environment” to find practical solutions to everyday safety challenges in the workplace. They will study new approaches to safety, share best practice and strengthen knowledge through open discussion…..

The conference takes place at the Lille Grand Palais Convention Centre – naturally – on 28-29 November. More info

We wish all the delegates a very safe, pleasant and profitable stay in Lille!

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