Autonomic Exhibition


The Autonomic exhibition, organised for the last twenty years by Ades Communication, is the reference show for disability, senior citizens and home support professionals. It presents professionals and the general public with solutions to fight against the loss of autonomy. Four editions are organised each year, the region is covered by the eight editions every two years. The even years: Bordeaux (March), Paris (June), Metz (October), Marseille (November), the odd years: Toulouse (March), Lyon (June), Rennes (September) and Lille (December). The Paris edition brings together around 400 exhibitors for 25,000 visitors over 3 days, the regional editions, 150 exhibitors for 8,000 visitors over 2 days.

Interview with Patrick Le Bras and Jean-Raphael Notton, co-founders of the Autonomic show and Co-directors of Ades Communication



The Autonomic show, a tour de France every two years

The Autonomic show was born in Paris at the initiative of two doctors, faculty comrades: Patrick Le Bras and Jean-Raphaël Notton “In the beginning we launched Autonomic in Paris and we realised quite quickly that it was also necessary to offer regional editions to provide answers for children. adults, or elderly people who are losing their autonomy and having difficulty moving around. So we started a tour of France by deploying the show region by region every quarter. Our tour of France is completed in two years, Lille being the last step “ indicates Patrick Le Bras.

 Lille and the Hauts de France, in the heart of Europe

 “The Hauts-de-France region has a strong social potential. There are a lot of shelters for people with disabilities, older people, and rehab centres. It should be noted that this event cannot be deployed anywhere: “We need a regional capital host city, with an exhibition space of a certain size able to accommodate in terms of exhibition space (7000 to 8000 m2 minimum) but also with irrigation and transport facilities: tram, bus, train, parking. Moreover, Lille is ideally located in the heart of Europe.adds Patrick Le Bras.

Lille Grand Palais: a complex adapted to PRM (Person with reduced mobility) standards

 “We have been in contact with Lille Grand Palais since 2011. The site interested us due to the size of its space, its modularity, its central position in the heart of the city and the region and its proximity to public transport. In 2013, the site has evolved, the city and Lille Grand Palais have completed pretty extensive development work in order to facilitate the accessibility of the first floor with a lot of effort such as signage, elevators, and to adapt to PRM standards. This made our arrival possible. ” says Jean-Raphaël Notton.

Three editions of the show took place at Lille Grand Palais. “Very quickly, there was this complicity, all of this effort and we can say today that they have always been extremely sensitive to this whole dimension, to our very special audience. They support us, they helped us a lot. We have established links and we have decided to name our show Autonomic Lille Europe, the only regional exhibition bearing the name of a city and covering the great north of France” says Patrick Le Bras.

 Lille Grand Palais is also a reassuring service and support

During all the stages of the show organisation, the technical managers of Ades Communication have a single contact from Lille Grand Palais, a business manager that supports them from the beginning to the end. They will follow jointly the logistical organisation of the show, security and technical (electricity, water, security, cleaning, arrivals, exits, vehicle traffic) aspects and this will increase with the location of the stands, their plotting, the signage, the two days of assembly, the schedules, the catering and the reception of the visitors.

 “There is all this coordination, this combination of all that we have prepared and transmitted to the park’s technicians, with of course a permanent presence during this period to react, it is between the organiser and the park’s business manager. And that’s where we see if this works with a park or not. Here the team works perfectly, the Lille Grand Palais teams are used to a certain volume of processes, they have experience and its reassuring. It must be said that we have special requests for this show such as the establishment of a PRM parking to facilitate the arrival of our visitors, we also need a lot of signage because the park is large and the mobility of our visitors is one of the key elements of this autonomy issue” says Jean-Raphaël Notton

 The profits observed by the organisers of Autonomic Lille Europe

  • The geographical position of Lille Grand Palais in the heart of the Hauts de France
  • A quality complex, with its recent redevelopment work
  • The expertise and quality of service of its teams: “Quality relationships, we build close links with the entire team and it works very well”


 The three pillars of a successful trade show

Patrick Le Bras concludes: “If there has not been good marketing (exhibitors), there is no show, and if there is not good communication (visitor numbers), there is no next show. These are our two main concerns for a successful show. The 3rd pillar is that the technical logistics must be impeccable. It is the reality of this ephemeral meeting. It takes flexibility, and we have it with Lille Grand Palais as the proximity of their teams to ours is total, in one phone call, a solution is found. The specificity of our event and its audience has been truly taken into account. We are supported, and we are very satisfied, we have already signed for 2019. I can not speak more highly”.