SFNP And SFP Conference, Louis Vallée

Louis Vallée


Professor Louis Vallée, Head of the Department of Neuro Paediatrics at the University Hospital of Lille, tells us about the conferences of the SFNP and the SFP, which take place in January and May 2016 respectively. The professor also confides the special affection that he has for Lille.

“Head of the Department of Neuro Paediatrics at the University Hospital of Lille, I am a member of the European Society of Neuro-Paediatrics, the ESNP, and one of the founders of the SFNP.

I would say that I settled in Lille almost by chance! Parisian by birth, I lived in Algiers all my childhood before settling here in Lille. I love this city! It is a particularly warm place that has the advantage of being very accessible, because of its position at a crossroad of Europe.

One of the peculiarities of the North is the spontaneity and the welcome of its inhabitants; it is very easy done around a street corner or a cafe. This is particularly noticeable in Lille, where the population brew is exceptionally rich. We welcome you as you are and it is very pleasant.

Professionally, Lille is an organisational model for care and research networks Its geolocation is one of the main factors. The Lille – Paris and Lyon – Marseille axes are extremely efficient in my profession. The advantage is that Lille Grand Palais is very well served. By TGV, it is 1 hour from Paris, 35 minutes from Brussels and 1 hour and 20 minutes from London. Also, the growing number of rooms and hotels is an undeniable asset for the event.

Regarding our file with Lille Grand Palais, we have developed a relationship of trust with the teams; a relationship of sympathy and simplicity. ”
– Louis Vallée