SFT Conference, Sébastien Dharancy

Sébastien Dharancy


Sébastien Dharancy, professor of hepatology at the CHRU Regional University Hospital of Lille, talks about the choice of Lille Grand Palais to host, the conference of the Société Francophone de Transplantation (SFT) Francophone Society of Transplantation next December. 500 people are expected.

“We chose Lille Grand Palais for three reasons:

The first is its professional audio-visual technical solution that can be adapted to different conferences, regardless of size – from a regional meeting of 100 people, to the national AFEF conference 1,200 people. The plenary rooms show the versatility of Lille Grand Palais.

The second is its ability to accommodate participants, with easy and fast accessibility. Lille Grand Palais is very well placed with proximity and organisational simplicity, the city centre, the train stations and hotels, all within walking distance. The close position to the European metropolises and Lille’s hotel capacity – with over 8,000 rooms – are major assets. Indeed, conferences can go up to 6000 participants, which requires many rooms available. There are also excellent reception and catering conditions.

Finally, we must emphasise the cultural offering and the warm side of the destination. Indeed Lille is a city with a lot of charm. Beyond the traditions and the gastronomy, the participants’ free time will allow them to discover a very developed cultural offering: architecture, exhibitions, …

We are very satisfied with the support from the Lille Grand Palais teams. The regularity and the preparation of the events are always done in a good atmosphere! A listen with an adjustment to our requests, the personalisation of the conference and a relationship of confidence is established.

I am a Lillois and very proud to be! “ – Sébastien Dharancy