SITES, Florence Revillion

SITES organises its end-of-year event at Lille Grand Palais

SITES, whose headquarters are in Rueil Malmaison, is an engineering and consulting firm specialising in monitoring the health of Exceptional Structural Assets. With 6 agencies in France and 2 subsidiaries in China and South Africa, the company has 397 employees spread throughout the country, 50% of whom are engineers. In the early days of the concept of structural durability, the company quickly established itself within the world of managers of nuclear power plants, bridges and dams to become the world leader in preventive monitoring and control services of large structures. In the Lille region, the company is based in Wasquehal and Gravelines and has 115 employees. SITES’ northern entity decided to organiseits end-of-year event in Lille Grand Palais.

Interview with Florence Revillion, Assistant – SITES



Finding the right place for anend-of-year lunch for 115 guests

“We wanted to find a venue for a festive end-of-year event for the 115 employees and management of Gravelines and Wasquehal”,says Florence Revillion, assistant to SITES’ Northern entity.“An event that we wanted to organise around a buffet lunch at noon with, if possible, a secure cloakroom service, a priority being that the place has to be easy to access.” 

An effective commercial relationship with Lille Grand Palais

After visiting several sites, the decision was made to choose Lille Grand Palais. “I already knew Lille Grand Palais, the responses to my requests werequick, and they took my needs fully intoaccountby offering me a good-sized room. Good prices and an effectivebusiness relationship.”

The TURIN room for a turnkey service

A room measuring 196 m2that can accommodate 150 people in banquet configuration, with sound system (microphone), equipped with a video projector and its own cloakroom was made available to SITES. “There were additional integrated services like the cloakroom and we called in a caterer. This service integration is considerable at Lille Grand Palais, everything is turnkey and there is no tidying away to be done afterwards”,Florence Revillion adds.

Efficiency, turnkey service and accessibility

“From a strict accessibility point of view, Lille Grand Palais is an ideal venue (a 9-minute walk from the train stations, right next to the motorway when driving, with metro and bus stations nearby). The event went well. On site, the reception was good, we had no worries, it was perfect. Our employees were very satisfied. If I had to sum up this experience with Lille Grand Palais in 3 words, they’d be: Efficiency, Turnkey and Accessibility”, Florence Revillion concludes.