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Welcome to my Lille by Jacques Richir

Le 3 September 2011 par A la une

Jacques Richir took over as President of Lille Grand Palais Convention Centre in June this year. He is an active local politician who has been a Lille City Councillor for over 20 years and is currently a Deputy to the Mayor. A doctor by profession, he still practises half time and specialises in Alzheimer’s.

Jacques Richir is also the founder of a major ‘Home Help’ association to assist the elderly, disabled and sick in the region. He is a board member of the Pasteur Institute and the Lille Opera. Born in neighbouring Picardie, he has lived in Lille since the magic year of 1968…..

What’s so attractive about Lille, M. Le Président?

“It’s a city with a warm welcome which attracts young people from all over Europe, and many Erasmus students. Its position on the border with Belgium reinforces this international dimension”.

Why should international associations & corporates consider Lille for their big events?

The reasons are simple and there are three….

The first is that it’s so quick and easy to get here by both train (the excellent TGV network) and plane (Lille Airport, Charles de Gaulle and Brussels).

The second is that everything a delegate needs is in the city centre: hotels, venues, restaurants, shops, Vieux Lille… When you spend two days at a conference here, you don’t waste any time on transport and people really remember and appreciate this.

The third is price. Lille is very competitive: a lot better value than Paris, London or even Brussels. Lille Grand Palais is ideal for conferences with 1000-2000 delegates.

A final thought

Lille is very successful and popular for medical congresses. As a doctor myself, I obviously look forward to welcoming even more medical events to the city in my time as president of Lille Grand Palais

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