For nearly 10 years, Lille Grand Palais has placed sustainable development at the core of its preoccupations. More than just a will to reduce our impact on environment, the idea is to add a social dimension to the company and spread an eco-responsible trend among all of its activities. ISO 9001, ISO 14,001 certifications, combined with France Congrès’ “Quality and Sustainable Development Charta” across Congress Centers in France are visible results.




This Charta includes 25 commitments focusing on 3 topics:

  • Collaboration for a complete success of your event
  • Communication, awareness and training on eco-responsibility
  • Taking actions to protect the environment




Since 2002, Lille Grand Palais is ISO 9001-certified. This international standard highlights the involvement of our employees towards quality and customer satisfaction,
replying to your need and aiming for constant improvement and organisational performance. We are aware of our responsibility towards our region. We give priority to sustainable and long-term partnerships with local and regional providers. Each of these providers is given specific attention and is rated internally every year.




For almost ten years, Lille Grand Palais has been acting as an example in its eco-responsible approach. We have also taken actions to reduce our impact on the environment: implementation of selective sorting, consumption reduction, selection of alternative solutions, etc. The ISO 14001 certification, which we obtained in 2010, comes as a recognition that strengthens and highlights our commitment.




All our employees have signed a Diversity Charta set up to fight against discrimination and praise diversity and dialogue. The main idea is to manage and leverage all talents as well as enhancing the quality of life within the company. Security is also a major stake. Security measures are enforced by qualified staff and the implementation of strict processes.


The whole building complies with accessibility standards in order to facilitate access and comfort of physically impaired or reduced mobility visitors and employees: elevators, tactile strips, contrasting step noses, reserved seating in amphitheaters…


In addition to giving priority to local partners, Lille Grand Palais actively collaborates with numerous actors of business tourism in the conurbation: Nord France Convention Bureau, Lille’s Meeting… According to a survey by EY agency, the contribution of Lille Grand Palais to local economy represents 446 direct and indirect jobs, the equivalent of 52 millions of euros in sales revenue. 1€ of sales revenue for the company generates 4.2€ spent in the tourism industry. A performance that allows Lille to strengthen its position as a great destination for business tourism.