Audio-visual at Lille Grand Palais, is above all a team that is attentive to your needs, that advises you and that offers technical solutions to meet your quality objectives and respects your budgets.
Our 3D designer can create your event in 3D staging so that you can project your future event.
The proposed technical solutions are based on the use of innovative equipment



3D project







The dynamic real-time display on a fixed or mobile screen enables the display of images and sound according to your event.
We offer you, from the entrance of the building within our reception, a projection of images and video to
broadcast :

  • A welcome message
  • The program of your event, the highlights
  • Your partners’ logos…


Want to be seen live all over the world ? Consider a live broadcast. For this, we have a panel of media tools to increase your visibility :

  • Live projection on the big screen
  • Live broadcasting in other spaces
  • Streaming and live broadcasts on your website
  • Video conferencing…




  • The operation of wired and Wi-Fi computer networks offer innovative applications:
  • Interactivity with your audience: surveys, live voting….
  • Live streaming
  • Very High-Speed Wi-Fi

Lille Grand Palais is equipped with Very High-Speed Wi-Fi. This means optimal connection quality for your visitors.

Depending on your event, our team will consider the best solutions with you : SSID customisation, network usage statistics, specific offer for your exhibitors…