JFK conference

Philippe Duraphourg and Pierre Trudelle


 Philippe Duraphourg and Pierre Trudelle testify on behalf of the French Society of Physiotherapy on the 2015 edition of the biennial JFK conference. 176 participants took part for 3 days with 1,150 participants, which is the most significant event in the sector.

“We produce one edition out of two in Paris, but we want to develop our conference in the provinces. We were in Marseille in 2011, in Paris in 2013. In 2015, we decided to organise our conference in Lille, at Lille Grand Palais.

A large number of physiotherapists are in the North. That is why we chose Lille. Originally from Carcassonne and Normandy, we knew of several renowned physiotherapy universities in Lille (Catholic University of Lille, Staps, etc.) and in Belgium. This was the trigger for the choice of the destination.

Lille has thus become geographically evident. Choosing Lille rather than Paris was therefore not a geographical obstacle: we had international speakers present at the conference. Plus Lille Grand Palais is very appreciated because it has a professional setting and a format that meets our criteria: practical lectures and demonstrations (purpose-built amphitheatres and multipurpose rooms). Indeed, our need was to have a multi-room conference in order to include “mini-conferences” on the same site.

The modularity and the grouping of the rooms allow for easy navigation thanks to the proximity of the spaces.

In 2013, in Paris, we were 760 delegates, in 2015, in Lille, we reached 1,100 participants. A great development for our event! »